Ashley & Kelly


Ashley & Kelly met in 2007 while they were students at William Jewell College in Liberty, MO. 

While Ashley played basketball and Kelly was on the dance team, they became friends while they were members of the Delta Zeta sorority. 

Although their academic and athletic endeavors led them on different paths, they continued to stay friends after college.


Ashley received her undergraduate degrees from William Jewell in 2011 in Political Science and History. 

After graduating from Jewell, Ashley continued her education as a third-generation legacy at the University of Kansas School of Law

 where she earned her JD in 2014. Ashley spent three years interning in the athletic compliance department at the University of Missouri – Kansas City while in law school. Ashley’s hobbies include traveling and she is a loyal follower of KU Basketball.

 She is the mom of the Posh KC Poms mascots, George and Penny.


Kelly received her undergraduate degrees from William Jewell in 2010 in International Relations, French, and Applied Critical Thought & Inquiry. 

Kelly worked in sales and management at Enterprise Holdings for five years before moving to her family’s company, Ragsdale Steel,

 where she still works. She is currently attending welding school and enjoys traveling in her free time.  

Ashley Patton


Kelly Ragsdale


George & Penny